Silks, Bobbins and Bodkins

Beauty in everyday things Yet another button fell off a shirt today and in searching through my mother’s sewing basket for a needle and some suitable thread, I realised how many lovely old wooden bobbins she has collected over the years.  Some of her sewing treasures have been hoarded, others inherited from her own mother…

Feather part I

Feather : Noun, adjective, verb ;  a single word suggesting many things – light, ethereal, flight, airborne, arrows, attack, quill, sharp, razor, pen, writing, Shakespeare, manuscripts, words, thoughts, deeds, imagination, heaven, angels…………………….    ALL PHOTOS © JANE MORLEY  

The Beauty of Imperfection – the art of Wabi Sabi…….

” Wabi Sabi” noun:  From Japanese culture :  A concept, an aesthetic and a worldview. Simply, an intuitive way of living which emphasizes finding beauty and perfection in imperfection and simple authenticity. Wabi Sabi accepts the natural cycle of growth and decay and believes objects gain value through use and age.        ALL PHOTOS © JANE…

The Beauty of Simplicity

“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things” Isaac Newton “The more simple we are the more complete we become” Auguste Rodin ALL PHOTOS © JANE MORLEY