Thursday Doors – A Long Way From Home

Last week two of our regular Thursday Door contributors – the illustrious Norm himself and the wonderfully whimsical Jean Reinhardt – posted a couple of light-hearted entries at a slight tangent to the usual ‘door on a building’ theme.  I confess that this week I have not been able to be out and about in search…

Change Part II – Kodak Box Brownie & a Voigtländer

A little while ago I purchased a couple of vintage cameras, a Kodak Box Brownie from the 1930’s and a Voigtländer from (I think) the 1950’s.  I haven’t actually tried to use them yet but I’ve had some fun this afternoon playing around with them and taking their portraits. It struck me as I clicked…

Quotation #2 – Heaven in a Wild Flower

Recently discovered and already one of my favourite bloggers, Cosme of BCLPhotography – great posts and great photography, if you don’t know his blog you really should – has invited me to join an interesting new challenge, posting a favourite quotation over 3 consecutive days and inviting 3 other bloggers each day to join in….

Once Upon a Moonlit Night

She stood shivering behind the cover of the ancient yew tree, wisps of hair blowing across her face in the gentle breeze, trying not to breathe too loudly.  They were sure to hear her, she just knew it, even the pounding of her heart could give her away but she could not stop now.  If…

The Beauty of Simplicity

“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things” Isaac Newton “The more simple we are the more complete we become” Auguste Rodin ALL PHOTOS © JANE MORLEY