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  1. So me! Gorgeous, Jane.

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    1. Thank you so much Sarah! Demighted you liked it ! 🙂

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  2. Grace says:

    Jane, lovely as always…and I love your new site! xx

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    1. Thank you Grace! Yes I must say after thinking about moving, this theme just fits the bill – glad you like it!

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  3. I’m so tempted by this theme I’ve been considering changing to a more photo-friendly theme, but haven’t done it. Of course, it may not be available to me via WordPress’ free sites. But it looks great as does your photo. One month from today, I’ll be one my way to France. So excited! Hopefully all the strikes will be over!!



    1. Thanks Janet – hope the weather improves for your holiday – so awful at the moment but should be OK for July!


  4. Nadia says:

    Beautiful composition.


    1. Many thanks indeed Nadia! 🙂


    1. Many thanks – belatedly Beautywhizz! 🙂

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