Wordless Wednesday – In Memoriam

Bessac churchyard cross_-2


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  1. There are memorials everywhere in France, something that keeps the memories of service alive. Of course, today we in the US are honoring our veterans and thanking there for their service. So much for which to be thankful.


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    1. Yes indeed Janet, this old grave is actually in a country cemetery and I confess, not actually a war memorial but the setting is so lovely and peaceful and the old stone so beautiful it seems to fit! We all have much to remember in our different countries……. Best wishes to you, Jane


      1. I find it touching, as well as terrible sad, that so many villages list men who died in WWI and WWII and many of them were from the same family or at least related. Often, many of the men from one village signed up together and were all killed. There are similar monuments in the US, but as the fighting was overseas and distance and size are factors, it’s much more obvious in France (and, I’m sure, other European countries.)

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      2. Very true Janet, there is a memorial in the village closest to us and as you say, it seems as if half the men were lost in the fighting. Don’t know how these small communities ever recovered from the effects.


      3. Isn’t that the truth? I know there are small towns in the States where all the young men enlisted together. All to often, many or all never returned. Oh, we have so much for which to remember thankfully!! I could pray that there would never be another war, but as I’m sure there will be, I also pray protection on and thanks for those willing to fight to keep us free.

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      4. You’re right Janet but although we may not always be directly involved I doubt very much there has been a single day since WW1 ended that there hasn’t been war of some kind somewhere in the world. We live in wonderful times and bewildering times too!


  2. Says it all. My Great Uncle Norman is buried at the cemetery in Etaples, the only war cemetery I’ve ever been to. You might like to read about him on my history blog: https://firstnighthistory.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/great-uncle-norman-shot-by-a-single-sniper-2/. We are so lucky but may not be for much longer.

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    1. I would love to read about him Sarah, my grandfathers – both must have lied about their age to get into army service – were injured in the ‘Great War’ – one with mustard gas the other a wound he never talked about. The method of fighting has changed over time but sadly little else it seems, perhaps just as well they don’t know that their war to end all wars did nothing of the kind…….

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  3. The new site looks fabulous!

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    1. Why thank you kindly Ms Vernon! 🙂 😉

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