Change – Sunflowers After the Sun

We’ve had the delight of fields of yellow surrounding us on the Hillside for a few months, but the sunflowers are finally being harvested.

Here in France they are called ‘Tournesol’ which literally means turn to the sun, and this is exactly what they do. For several weeks seas of bright yellow faces look up to the sun until gradually the colours change and begin to fade until the sunflower becomes completely black and ready to harvest. By the time this happens the heads of the flowers are turned down towards the earth almost as if they are hiding themselves in shame. I think they are still incredibly beautiful in their autumnal guise and I thought it would be an interesting change to take their portraits in this less glamorous and unfamiliar condition.  As I was taking the pictures the reflected sunlight seemed to make the leaves glow a beautiful autumnal orange.  I’d like to think the sunshine they’ve captured during their flowering time is forever stored away inside the flowers…..

I am including the resulting images in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge where the theme is Change.….

Sunflowers 3

Sunflowers 5-3

Sunflowers 5-4

Sunflowers 6-2

Sunflowers 6-3

Sunflowers 13

Sunflowers 4

Sunflowers 9

Sunflowers 7-2

Sunflowers 7


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  1. kazg10 says:

    Even in its last days the sunflower is a thing of beauty. You brought out the best of it Jane 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kaz I’m glad you like it – I wondered if people might think it ugly so I’m glad you see what I see in it!

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  2. Beautiful photos, love the detail. My son paints sunflowers in their last days so these photos were extra special to me.

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    1. Thank you! So pleased you liked them, they do make wonderful subjects!

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  3. You captured the sculptural shapes beautifully.

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    1. Thank you Sherry Lynn, they do make such wonderful arching forms don’t they?!


  4. I just did a post last week showing the beauty of dead plants. Really loved your photos.


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    1. Thank you very much Janet – I shall go take a peek at your flowers right now ! 🙂


      1. Beat you to it Janet – already found them ! 😀


  5. Beautywhizz says:

    Beautiful, I like the colours, shapes and textures.

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    1. Many thanks Beautywhizz! The shapes are beautiful aren’t they, even if they’re no longer sunshine yellow!


  6. Grace says:

    Your photographs are always divine, Jane! xx

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    1. Thank you so much Grace! (and for the twitter shares too by the way!)


  7. west517 says:

    this is one of my new favorites~ love it!! I particularly like the very last image with small bits of the dried sunflower scattered about– lovely!

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    1. Thanks west, glad you like these, I think the flower heads are so wonderfully sculptural like this even if they are pretty when they’re yellow and full of sun! 🙂

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      1. west517 says:

        They are! Also Im sorry but I have no wireless here while on vacation so im not able to do our post today with a Natural theme..
        Can we set it for next week?

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      2. SOOO glad you have no wireless west! I’ve had so little time to do anything I’m much happier to leave until next week too! Will catch up again on twitter – have a wonderful time on vacation ! 🙂


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