Rustic Beauty – The Humble Turnip

After the lovely promising spring weather of a fortnight ago we’re suddenly plunged back into the damp and chill winds of November here on the Hillside.  Our sunny moods have departed with the warmer temperatures and so my plans for more spring inspired images for this post have been moved aside to make way for an altogether more wintry, rustic subject.

Browsing the aisles of the supermarket this morning for interesting finds as I often do, I was struck by the amazing colours of these extraordinary turnips.  Violet and cream with a shock of vivid green hair they surely deserve to be transformed into a race of cartoon characters who play rock music on carrot coloured guitars and ride around on superpowered purple tractors on their mission to save the earth from eternal winter.   I confess the little fellows cheered me up no end and I’m determined we shall plant some in the potager this year to add to our hearty soups next winter…….



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  1. Again, you surpassed yourself. I really like that colors in the contrast to the darks – very “deep” images!


    1. Hi Variety! I’m really thrilled by your kind comments – many thanks indeed!


  2. The colours and natural patina are so pleasing


    1. Thank you frenchapple!

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  3. The humble turnip. I’m a big fan. They’re really such a game vegetable, aren’t they? Willing to bulk up any meal without being too imposing. And what subjects for your camera. Boy, do these guys shine. It’s rather a shame to gobble them up for their efforts to please.
    Hope the weather improves–at least enough to sprinkle a few seeds in the potager!
    Cheers, Jane!


    1. Cheers Shelley! Nothing but rain and damp here at the moment, totally miserable! 😦


  4. west517 says:

    How did I miss this? LOVE IT!! You have such a talent for capture raw, natural color and texture. Of course I attribute that to the fact that you have impeccable taste! 🐻 ❤


    1. Ahh but you are too kind Madamoiselle 😀 Thanks a million west, you make my day 😉

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      1. west517 says:

        🐻 🐻 ❤ ⭐

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  5. arttart4 says:

    At last time to view your post – brilliant photos as always and the introduction was…..well……interesting in a kind of out of body and certainly mind experience. Carrot guitars??? Purple Tractors??? Whatever you’re having make mine a large one! Love it : )


    1. Aha! Tis my old friend the arttart! Glad you like my mad ravings and the photos – couldn’t help imagining them as Muppetesque rock stars!


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