Double Vision # 2 – Thankful

As the season of festivities has already begun with Thanksgiving in America, my blogging friend west517 had the excellent idea that we use the word ‘Thankful’ as our prompt for todays’ ‘Double Vision’ post.  There is no official Thansgiving holiday in England, but the traditional harvest festivals echo the same roots and customs.   In our frantic, busy world it seems a mighty fine idea to me, to take a little time out with family and friends to celebrate the good things of life and count our blessings.   So here’s my take on the theme of ‘Thankful’, Click here to see how west517 interprets it………

Thankful 2-001Thankful 6



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  1. That bottom shot is SO successful…….two hands are better than one in this instance.


    1. Wow sh, I’m so glad you like that one! 🙂 Being a girl I confess I like the fluffy first one too but my favourite is the second – the other hand is my Mum, who wasn’t sure because her hand looks old and a bit gnarly but I thought it made the whole sense of the pic if you see what I mean ? 🙂


      1. I know exactly what you mean…it’s what makes the shot.
        Really really good……


  2. west517 says:

    I just love these…and the fact that its you and your mom make this even better. The girl in me says I lobe the pinkish, soft tones in the first image — BUT the creative side of me says that the 2 hands holding the flower in the second is just PERFECT. Wonderf both! 🐻 🐻


    1. Thankyou west! I’m really pleased you like them, I think we’ve covered all the ages in our 2 posts! Is your delightful little babe in arms a new niece?! 🙂

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      1. west517 says:

        🙂 no …shes 5 now– I cajt believe it!! But still every bit as cute!!


      2. Ah! I wondered if she was in fact the delightful little ballerina you posted a while ago! 🙂

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      3. west517 says:

        She is the very same! 😉 ….we are currently making plans to attend ‘Mickeys Very Merry Christmas’ party at Disney~ SERIOUS business for a 5 yr old 🙂


      4. Should think so ! 🙂

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  3. That act of sharing – or as I interpreted in your photo “giving” – is one that evokes ample amounts of gratitude in me. And using a cheerful Gerber Daisy (that’s it, isn’t it?) is like sending the most innocent and purest of warm hugs. How lovely to have included your mom in the artwork as well.
    I think this was a lovely pair of photos, and I for one am grateful for having had the opportunity to see them, Jane. Happy harvesting. Cheers


    1. Hello Shelley! Yes it is a gorgeous Gerber Daisy, because, as you say, they are such lovely happy flowers and seem to me to express with perfect simplicity, all the ‘thanks’ one might ever wish to offer 🙂 Cheers to you 😉


    1. Many thanks indeed for the reblog moorezart! So glad you liked it!


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