The Colour Purple & Red Onions

This week I was instructed by my very own Masterchef Mr H, to purchase some red onions on my weekly supermarket trip.  Yes there are indeed penalties to pay for having one’s own gourmet chef – the eternal washing up, frequent cleaning of kitchen and dreaded supermarket run to name but three. I was however totally inspired on perusing the vegetable aisles by the fabulous colours to be found in red onions. Red ? of course they’re not red!  Anything but red in reality; luscious maroon, deep exotic purple, shining magenta, white and bordeaux candy-striped centres, they’re all there to be seen depending on the light and as with so many of my favourite photographic subjects, we get to eat them afterwards in a green salad – green sets them off particularly well – or in our new healthy eating dish, smoked mackerel, with potato and red onion.  It may be a workaday vegetable, but how many others can claim to be colourful, beautiful and delicious?!



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  1. west517 says:

    Fabulous!! …and sooooo yummmy! I love this particular shade of purply-red


    1. Hiya west! Glad you like them! It was rather frustrating to capture the exact colours! Really very purple and bordeaux coloured, not really red at all! Happy Sunday evening to you 🙂

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      1. west517 says:

        🙂 that color is always very difficult for me for some reason — but yours looks fantastic!


      2. I missed this one! Was going to say how difficult it is to get true purple rather than a screaming red and violent fuchsia pink! I don’t normally edit very much but this I had to turn the luminosity channel down for red and magenta!


  2. Mélanie says:

    artistic pix of THE only kind of onion(s) I like… 🙂 have a sunny Monday and a formidable week! amicalement, Mélanie


  3. busy lady says:

    I just picked up a red onion at the store. I remember thinking, it isn’t red, really; but it is good. I love the pictures and your words about such a “common” vegetable. They don’t seem so ordinary after reading your blog!


    1. Thankyou busy lady! They are really beautiful aren’t they?! Red is only half the story!


    1. Many thanks Douglas for taking the time to visit and reblog my post! Very much appreciated…….

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