Secrets and Keys

I have never quite managed to give up my childhood dream of finding the key to the secret treasure trove.  As a child the ‘treasure’ would certainly have involved a pirate treasure chest, ancient maps, doubloons, pearl necklaces, a sword and a skeleton, that sort of thing. Nowadays I have already found some excellent treasure here on my hillside and if we could just manage to come up with a cheque to mend the roof  and a few centimes for a nice bottle of vino from St.Emilion all would be perfection. I suspect that whatever happens I will always retain my fascination for old keys.  anything in the shape of a box or potential treasure chest or an intriguing door.  We shared a few doors last week so here are a few interesting keys from my collection………….


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  1. Eden says:

    Great subject and very nicely captured!


    1. Thankyou very much Eden! It’s a favourite subject, so many possibilities and meanings!


  2. Liane Ryan says:

    I love your posts Jane, and your photographs are beautiful.


    1. Thankyou so much Lianne! I really appreciate that! This is a real favourite subject – may well turn into a series! Hope you’ll stay tuned!


  3. PS Sorry for mis-spelling your name Liane!


  4. I adore keys too. More, more!


    1. Hi Sarah! There will certainly be more – this will be an ongoing series! Glad you like it!


  5. jdmaleski says:

    Those keys are so cool! What a lovely collection you have. The photo of the key and book is marvelous and so metaphorical – books as the key to knowledge! love it!


    1. Hi Jessica, glad you like the post, I suppose that’s why I find keys so fascinating and evocative, you never know just what they may unlock……!


  6. Wow, Jane, not only are the keys gobsmackingly beautiful, but the backgrounds you’ve placed them on are exquisitely intriguing as well. You are a magnificent talent, my friend. And your world is as close to a visual fairy tale as I can imagine. Magical, indeed!


    1. You are very kind Shelley, I take back what I said about being cruel to your readers!


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