Doors Part 2 – Rust Never Sleeps

The disadvantages of living in an old property are numerous and invariably very costly – the leaky roofs, the damp, the rubbish heating and falling masonry to name but a minor few – the advantages, however are equally numerous and noteworthy;  amongst these positive benefits being a vast catalogue of photographic delights to focus the camera lens upon.

We are surrounded by an abundance of shabby, battered and weathered subjects – and I am not just referring to my mother , Mr H and our various means of aged transport.   The house itself is built of cut limestone, the barns and outbuildings from ‘moellons’,  the large stones and boulders recovered at the time of building from the surrounding land.  The doors are oak, weathered and rustic, and still have many of their original ironwork and fittings.  They have all seen better, newer days it is true, but the character, interest and beauty they have acquired over the decades and even centuries,  is wonderful and quite simply priceless………….

PS Thanks to the incomparable Neil Young for the title of this post!!


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  1. Glorious – I’m a great fan of rust!


    1. Great – me too! And the Neil Young version!! Thanks First Night Design!


  2. Holy cow, Jane, the photos are gorgeous, but the hardware is spectacular. I can only imagine the stories they have to tell–those of all the many hands that have touched them. History surrounds you in that glorious setting of yours. Can you feel the teensy bit of envy coming through my words? But I’m at least grateful someone such as yourself is the keeper of that history, as you seem to put it in the best of lights and make it shine with interest.
    Cheers, Jane!


    1. HI Shelley, Thanks for your kind comments, really glad you like the post – it’s based on the Japanese idea of ‘Wabi Sabi’ the notion of finding beauty in old and well-worn things – the older one gets the more relevant and appealing this idea becomes!! Cheers! Jane


  3. Your photography is superb. I am in the process of buying an old stone house that has been partly renovated over the years, sometimes not too sympathetically. The old shutters are still on some of the windows, thankfully, and the render removed from some of the walls, exposing the beautiful bare stone. As you say, the damp and drafts will probably have us shivering at times but the character of the building will more than make up for it.

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    1. Thankyou for your kind comment Jean and good luck with your renovations! It’s a wonderful project to have and I think for suit will almost certainly be a lifetime’s work – when one part is done another needs attention!

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  4. Oooo, these are so awesome.

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    1. Thankyou very much Manja Mexi Movie! Delighted you like them!

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