“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….”

In which we consider life as an eternal optimist and how this combines  with perpetual worrying…

As the sky remains cloudy and the rain continues to fall here in sunny France at the end of May I thank my lucky stars and my mother that I was born an eternal optimist. It is not always an easy thing to be when you are also the world’s most accomplished worrier but the wiring in my brain usually seems to cope somehow and after a few hours or even a day or two of genuine down in the dumps misery, something always clicks and at least in my head, the clouds clear and the sun comes out to play.   Well that is what normally happens but just at the moment it seems, my worrying  side is having things all its’ own way and I am eagerly listening out for that ‘click’ in my brain to sound and the internal barometer to begin its’ rise  from ‘Poor’ to Fair’.

Miyou and whiskersThis unsettled state of affairs may have something to do with the fact that we are currently preparing for our second annual arts and craft fair here on the hillside and the temptation to sink into despair and panic attack is increasing daily as we watch the rain fall and the meteo predicting more of the same for the foreseeable future.  With four days to go the tables have not yet arrived, the extra wiring in the barn awaits the electrician,  the decorative screens and drapery are languishing in the wings until a dry spell permits their installation, there is yet another Bank Holiday on Thursday which probably means that a lot of our usual customers will ‘faire le pont’ – take the day off and the Friday  with it ( make the bridge) and disappear on holiday,  the posters we have posted are getting wet and soggy, the cat keeps throwing up in the dining room and I still haven’t framed those photographs I’m supposed to be exhibiting.   On a broader scale the economy is in meltdown, the European elections have just produced some major  boat-rocking results and the world appears to be heading for annihilation.  Hhmmmm.Artois the cat

“Count your blessings!” can be the three most trite and unhelpful words ever uttered to a depressed person but behind every cliché lies a rock solid truth and looking for the silver lining can be an uplifting way to spend a few stress-filled moments.  I have begun my counting and discovered amongst the gloom a number of glimmers of light.    Despite the foulness of the weather the tomato plants in the vegetable garden are growing well.  The kestrels  who nest every year in the pigeonnier have just hatched some young – I think I counted three fluffy bundles this afternoon if my wet and wobbly binoculars are to be trusted.  There would appear to be another frog in the pond.    The dogs are enjoying their extra grooming sessions as we try to prevent them moulting all over the’ house. I have begun some sewing for the shop and will soon have created Europe’s first lavender bag mountain. The cats are staying resolutely indoors, thereby giving the local mouse and lizard population a well-earned breather and it’s true to say the roses which have survived last week’s storm do look particularly beautiful with raindrops on them.    Julie Andrews was definitely on to something there. Any moment I may burst into ‘A few of my favourite things’ but I think I feel better now.  I’ll just cross my fingers and wait for the sun to come out.Red rose and raindrops



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  1. atelierjen says:

    So know what you mean!


    1. Thought you might!


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